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Great cream

The cream works great! Keeps my private parts very moist. I highly recommend this product.

Feeling Sexy Again

Vanibiss makes me feel sexy again. No dryness or itchiness. Just moisturized! Love it!

Five star company!

Fast and efficient services! Great products that work! I am a well satisfied customer!

✨ Heaven sent ✨

I ask my husband to look for something that would help with vaginal itching and dryness he read about this fabulous cream . Thanks for vanibiss I’m in love with this cream, no more Itching no more dryness thanks so much .

Vanibiss Organic Vulva Balm


I am so happy I have found Vanibiss Organic Vulva Balm. I was having problems with dryness and yeast infections. Now I do not have those problems anymore using this balm. Thank you!

Vanibiss Organic Vulva Balm
Celestine Hopkins
Great products



I’ve had dry skin for the last two years. Not even my OBGYN could figure it out. This was the first product to give me actual relief!

Excellent in every way

Not only are the products amazing but the customer care is absolutely excellent. Vanibiss truly values its customers and goes out of their way to make sure they are happy and satisfied with everything. If you haven’t tried Vanibiss yet, I highly suggest that you do. You won’t be disappointed.

Moisturizes well

Easy to apply. Didn't use the spatula. Quickly absorbed, moistened., and soothed. Very happy there were no hormones.

It's great

From the moment I first used this product, I noticed a difference. So far, so good. It's doing what it's suppose too.

Satisfaction of product

It's okay. It is different from other brand products I have tried. A little goes a long way.

Immediate relief

Great product, quick and soothing relief from dryness and associated itching from post-menopausal symptoms. No burning or other irritation from this wonderful balm. Better and longer-lasting relief than any other products I have tried. So far, it looks like a once a day application for me. Thank you so much for this quality product.


I had been experiencing a burning sensation, and after a trip to my obgyn and being tested for everything under the sun being clear, she suggested a hormone therapy cream. I decided to try Vanibiss.
It has been somewhat helpful in retaining moisture, and the severity of the symptoms are less than they had been. I am also taking omega 7, and trying other natural options. I do like this balm and find it helpful in the long run.


I went through a total hysterectomy several years ago and have been suffering discomfort (dryness, itching) in my lady parts and nothing worked until I found this product. It is great and I would highly recommend. Customer service is awesome too!!! Buy it if you have similar issues. I won’t be without it from now on......


Excellent product

Help with menopause

Simple to use, non-irritating, soothing.

I am grateful

I have been having issues for over 5 years. Yes, I have tried many different products, some worked for a short period, others, not at all. I knew my eating also affected my delicate skin down there, but even with cutting out sugars, I still itched and had other issues. But this product, Vanibliss, worked the first time I applied it. And has helped me tremendously. I still need to eat right, or I can tell, even with the Vanibliss. I am not 100%, but 95%, is a blessing!!

Yes I do love it and will
re-order when needed.

Excellent product

I received my product and the safety seal with open. The owner immediately apologized and sent me a new bottle. Twelve years ago, I had a partial hysterectomy. Throughout the last several years, I have suffered with issues related to vulva dryness and pain. I no longer am a good candidate for hormone cream.

I thought I would try this product and am so thrilled I did! I have very sensitive skin, psoriasis, and Crohn’s disease. This product is a soothing balm, absolutely comfortable and comforting with zero irritation. I can’t recommend this product highly enough! Thank you for creating this product. I have not been this comfortable since I had all my “parts”! :)

very good product

It was great, the customer service is very helpful. Product is excellent, smells good and moisturised the skin.
keep it up!

Great Relief!

I am a girl in my early 20s and have been dealing with constant irritation going on 7 months due to unknown causes ( I have seen specialists and been to many doctors with no answers). I have been using this cream going on month 2 and I have noticed a big difference in the pain and discomfort down there. It has not completely gone away but this cream has given me back a sense of normalcy that I am grateful for, It provides me so much relief. It took about a week to start noticing a difference but it is so worth its price! Thank you so much for this product!

Finally Relief

The last year since menopause has been miserable with the extreme dryness and itch. Instant relief, can't wait for tonight and comfortable sleep.

The ONLY product you can rely on

I've tried Everything! So why not give this a try I said. Suffering from vulva itching for a year and a half from using a stupid product that was meant for women...
The first time using the balm was a huge difference from the OTC creams in my local drugstore. The fact that I didn't think about my lady parts itching or not was AMAZING! Don't hesitate tobuy it. You will not regret it.

Amazon customer service!

I ordered for the very first time and had a bit of a complication with the oil leaking in the packaging (possibly due to handling at the post office)..so I called the vanibliss phone number and was called back very promptly. The women I spoke with was very understanding and able to replace my item right away! I told her I lovvvee the smell of the oil as it is amazing!! The cream is non greasy and matches my needs perfectly! I was extremely impressed with the customer service and the quality of the product! Will be ordering again!!