Best Uses

You would use it like any other moisturizer. Use it every day or as often as needed. Vanibiss Organic Vulva Balm will bring comfort and protection to your intimate skin.

Brings instant relief to chafed, dry, itchy, rashy and inflamed intimate skin.

Provides everyday protective long-lasting moisture. 1 in 4 women suffers from vulvar dryness caused by hormonal changes, hygiene products, and many other environmental factors.

Protects and moisturizes skin for comfort and lasting support during intimacy and promotes a healthy pH.

Removes and prevents odor and helps maintain intimate skin moisture and balanced throughout the day.

Reduces inflammation, redness, irritation and ingrown hairs caused by personal grooming.

🌸Physical Activity
Protects your skin from chaffing and blisters due to running, spinning and other physical activities.